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Petersfield Twinning Association
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Promoting goodwill and friendship with Barentin in France & Warendorf in Germany

Dear Members and Friends,

‘To be Free, or Not to be Free’. Since the recent PM announcement of the ‘Freedom Day’, it is clearly time to consider a return to ‘normality’ and this naturally poses the question for the Twinning Association. Having been one of the million and a half people that the government chose to shield for health reasons, I confess to being somewhat cautious. That said,I do believe that we can reasonably begin to make optimistic plans for next year and also tentatively experiment with some activities over the remaining months of this year.
We have now made detailed bookings for travel to Barentin, which are – Outward journey 28th April depart Petersfield 09.00 for a 12.45 Dover/Calais Ferry (time for lunch on board) arriving in Barentin circa 19.00 Fr Time – Returning on Monday 2nd May. We shall shortly be contacting those members who were on the original list and at this point, I would like to encourage other Members to consider joining the party for our four day visit and to put their names forward.
You will recall that our friends from Warendorf are due to visit us in August of next year (date shortly to be established)and I would encourage you to begin to consider the hosting opportunities, either for specific friends with whom you have been in previous contact or to offer a welcome to potential new contacts.
We were well served during ‘down time’ by both the quiz initiative from Phillip Brenchley and the vocal contribution from Ray Vogt and for the remaining months of the year I would encourage more suggestions. Meanwhile, I would welcome your level of interest in the following suggestion. With my ‘cautious hat’ on for the months of this year, I now propose just one event date for your diary - Saturday the 18th September (5pm),  a Pétanque and Cod’ evening - in essence a ‘Fish & Chips Supper’ located at the Pavilion Sports Ground in The Avenue Petersfield with a very informal ‘Pétanque intro competition’ which might also be good preparation in case we have to compete with the French in Barentin or when we next welcome them here. We hope you will be tempted to attend and to return the attached booking form as soon as possible.
I would also wish to encourage you all to consider occasionally attending the ‘meet at the bar’ gathering which will restart at the Half Moon on Thursday 2nd September at 7pm and will continue regularly on the first Thursday of every month thereafter. It has been a constant feature for a limited number of our members for many ‘moons gone b y’ and would be the better for more attendees, even if only occasional ones.
Now, a brief update on the Twinning garden, which has been a constant concern to me from the moment that I discovered that it’s state was an embarrassment and not a point of pride. With no appropriate knowledge to resolve the matter, I have now achieved, at no cost, some guidance notes from staff at the Blue Diamond Garden Centre in Rake. It now needs to be converted into a simple development plan, which means planting up later in the year and then ongoing ‘limited’ maintenance. I shall meanwhile order a new Twinning indication plaque for later installation in he garden. There have already been a few offers of garden help from members, for which I am very grateful. More would be very welcome for the future, in order that it is not a burden to a few.
Some of you will appreciate that my period of tenure ends in March and in anticipation, I have agreed with our Committee that there should be an improved structure of responsibilities. Although all Committee Members will continue to be involved in all matters of the Association and actively support each other, they will have specific coordinating responsibilities. The details will be explained at the next ‘participating AGM’. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage more of you to contemplate a spell on the Committee to ensure the continued vitality of the Association.

With best wishes to you all,

Neil Dobinson (Chairman)