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Petersfield Twinning Association
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Promoting goodwill and friendship with Barentin in France & Warendorf in Germany

Dear Twinning friends,

I hope that you and your loved ones have escaped the traumas of the COVID 19 virus. You will possibly have heard that very sadly, of an unrelated illness, our deputy mayor and ex officio member of our Committee, George Watkinson recently died. George was a genuine supporter of our Association, having been Town Mayor on three previous occasions he was scheduled to have been Mayor once more had the COVID ‘lock-down’ not delayed the inauguration. We and the town shall seriously miss George – who I shall remember as a man of wisdom and warmth.

We are living in very strange times and Twinning Association activities, like so much else in normal life, has become a matter of hibernation. Hopefully some form of normality will return for 2021 to enable the featuring of Twinning activities, and it is on that assumption that we are currently provisionally planning for next year. If this proves to be a reality then we shall visit Barentin in the month of May and shall host our friends from Warendorf in August. I am pleased to state that we have avoided any financial exposures from the rescheduling of both our Barentin travel arrangements and the cancelling of our various venue bookings for the planned hosting of our Warendorf guests. Our accounts are still in good order.

Our Barentin contact, their Association President, Huguette Laporterie continues to communicate with the Association and has recently become a Municipal Councillor. Barentin also has a new Town Mayor, M. Christophe Bouillon, and he has made an introductory formal communication with both our Petersfield Town Mayor and our Association, which augers well for our future relationship. Huguette sent a picture of a bouquet of Lily of the valley (Muguet de Bois) as a reminder that in France the 1st of May is celebrated with these beautiful flowers and it is planned that we are to be welcomed in Barentin in May of 2021.

Our Warendorf contact, their Association Vorsitzende (Chairman) Ulrike Jäger also continues to communicate with the Association and from awareness of our links, the Petersfield Community Radio requested that we might arrange for them to interview a Warendof contact on the German experience of COVID 19. We discussed the concept and the proposed details with Ulrike and an interview was recorded last week between Alan Cosh of the radio station and Ulrike. You can trace the interview by accessing :- https://petersfieldradio.uk/2020/07/lockdown-in-warendorf-ulrike-jage-explains/  or if you go to the Petersfield Community Radio web site there is also a clip in this week’s Ppod. If, like me, you had little or no knowledge of Petersfield Radio, you might be surprised by the professional nature of this local station.

Although there are ‘gestures’ of our nation moving out of lock-down we shall clearly await to truly ‘open up’ for a good while yet. Until that time we shall need to keep safe and keep hopeful. I look forward to the time when can meet up again, initially within our Association and then with our twin town friends. Our website will be reactivated when it is the appropriate time to do so, in the hands of Ian Chambers, with the generous assistance of his son. Our thanks are very much owed to Phil Chapman, who after many years of providing this service from his initial establishment of the site is standing down from the role.

Best wishes

Neil Dobinson