Petersfield Twinning Association
Promoting goodwill and friendship with Barentin in France & Warendorf in Germany
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The idea of twinning with a French town was put to councillors in the early 1980s and finally bore fruit in 1989.  Encouraged by a seminar run by the Local Government Twinning Bureau, those concerned set up a steering committee representing organizations within the town: schools, sports clubs and commerce as well as interested individuals. 

Delegations from both towns were dispatched to investigate their prospective twin and  the Twinning Charters were signed in Petersfield in October 1992 and Barentin in April 1993.  Both ceremonies were great occasions, with expressions of hope that the friendships already formed would flourish and that more and more people would enjoy the benefits of the twinning of Petersfield and Barentin.

Since that time there has been a continuing exchange of individuals, families, clubs, choirs and sports organizations back and forth across the Channel and many firm friendships have been created.

Barentin has been civically twinned with Warendorf in Westphalia, Germany since 1965.  From the start, both the French and the Germans were keen that Petersfield should also twin with Warendorf, so completing a triangle of friendship. 

Once the success of the French connection was proven, we were ready to embark on a second.  Negotiations took place with Warendorf in the late 1990s and an unofficial friendship link between the Germans and us was formed.  In 2001 the first Warendorf group came to Petersfield for a week and the visit was a great success.  In October 2003 the first group from Petersfield spent a week in Warendorf, receiving tremendous hospitality.  Friendship links became firmly established and by April 2006 both Town Councils had agreed to proceed towards the signing of Charters which took place in Petersfield in July that year.